2018 Program

Wednesday, July 11

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Meet at Champions Center NE Ticket Office Lobby. Click here to RSVP for this tour.

Tour Leader: Jason DePaepe | Associate Athletic Director - Facilities and Game Day Operations, University of Colorado
Tour Leader: Jeremy Krug | Project Designer, Populous
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Thursday, July 12

6:30-7:45am One of the things that makes Boulder special is the Open Space Mountain Parks, boasting 155 miles of trails within the 45,000 acres of protected land. Join this casual guided hike that will take you on a two-mile loop bringing you to the base of the first flatiron. Bits of geology, history, and notable features of the ecosystem will be shared as we enjoy the morning.

RSVP required, limited to 12 hikers, transportation provided. Click here to RSVP for the hike.
Meet at 6:30 am July 12th at the Embassy Suites 2701 Canyon Blvd for pick-up
Leaving trailhead at 7:30, returned to Embassy Suites by 7:45am
Jamie Zaninovich | Deputy Commissioner and Chief Operating Officer, Pac-12 Conference

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Richard Gerstein | Executive Vice President Premium Value Added Brands and Global Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer, Unifi Inc.



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Join us for a high level view on the greening of Pac-12 events sharing details in partnership with Green Sports Alliance and the Green Sports Alliance Audit. Learn how to budget and implement based on resources. This group of power women will share real-world examples to work to green your event. Find out how to align your brand with green brands - understand who's in the space and partner up through brand alignment/shared mission. The Pac-12 Conference, NCAA and the University of Washington will deep dive into their own recent leadership examples and how to move these practices forward at your university/organization.
Introduction: Joni Comstock | Senior Vice President of Championships and Senior Woman Administrator, NCAA
Moderator: Heather Vaughan | Vice President of Marketing, Pac-12 Conference
Karen Baebler | Assistant Athletic Director, University of Washington
Joni Comstock | Senior Vice President of Championships and Senior Woman Administrator, NCAA

11:00am-12:00pm Harnessing the Power of Student Pride to discuss several ways in which Stanford University has been able to successfully work with its students to make progress on its Athletics sustainability initiatives. The team at Stanford has witnessed that students are particularly passionate about sustainability in Athletics as a visible part of the campus community. Stanford student driven initiatives include a student-led food recovery initiative in football and basketball facilities; boots on the ground fan engagement strategies during football tailgates; and launching a sustainability competition for student athletes. Oregon State University's Everyday Champions culture strongly encourages the student-athlete voice and input. The Oregon State University BAST group is one of the fastest growing and most productive student-run programs with a strong leadership structure and the goal to implement a solar panel project within the athletic department buildings within the next 2-3 years. The Pac-12 Changemaker Program provides a way to challenge the status quo of only allowing athlete activism by actively embracing it. The program gives student-athletes the opportunity to speak up for a cause and use sustainability as a lens to promote the cause and advocate for systemic change through the university's social media so that the athletes story and cause can be tied to a larger narrative and incorporate storytelling techniques to simplify abstract concepts. The first iteration of this program was designed on Arizona State University campus - in conjunction with University Sustainability Practices, the Zero Waste Department, and Sun Devil Athletics.
Moderator: Katie Zeller | Director of Facilities - Recreation Facilities and Sustainability, Stanford University
McCady Findley | Former Graduate Student, Arizona State University School of Sustainability
Elisabeth (Liz) Matzdorf | Student Athlete - Rowing, Oregon State University BAST Program
Presley Savarino | Director of Facilities, Oregon State University


Through continued collaboration, Arizona State University's Zero Waste Department, Sustainability Practices Office, Sun Devil Athletics, and multiple facilities and operations partners, have leveraged the power and platform of sports to educate fans, improve operations, and empower students to incorporate sustainability into day-to-day practices. Two years ago, ASU also launched Sustainability Certification for Sports to foster deeper engagement with sustainability specifically targeted at student athletes. In this interactive session, representatives from each department will discuss tools and tips that can be applied to foster productive collaboration between departments in order to enhance sustainability operations and engage students in a new way. ASU Athletics and Sustainability staff will facilitate discussion around the following topics: Example marketing and collaboration planning tools that helped ASU to host a green game for every ticketed sport with minimal in-person meeting time. Operations coordination best practices used to implement Zero Waste at all ticketed sporting events. Student Athlete engagement through a sustainability certification for teams that lead the way in sustainable practices. As part of each topic discussion, the presenters will show real world examples and ask attendees to engage in role-playing and problem solving to share best practices.
Lesley Forst Michalegko | Program Manager, University Sustainability Practices, Arizona State University
Kelsey Gaude | Program Manager, Zero Waste, Arizona State University


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12:15-1:00pm 2018 Exemplary Effort - Accepting award: Lesley Forst Michalegko | Program Manager, University Sustainability Practices, Arizona State University
2018 Winner - Accepting award: Lin King | Manager, Cal Zero Waste, University of California
2018 Student-Athlete Engagement Winner - Accepting award: Katie Zeller | Director of Facilities - Recreation Facilities and Sustainability, Stanford University

2018 Fan Engagement Winner - Accepting award: Jill Burris | Facilities Management Project Manager, University of Arizona

2017 Football Zero Waste Competition Winner - Accepting award: Daniel Redick | Regional Manager at EcoSafe® Zero Waste; Former Zero Waste Specialist, Coliseum Zero Waste and Tailgate Waste Diversion Program, University of Southern California
1:00-2:00pm For the 2017 football season, Stanford added 12 sets of "dumpster trios" to replace the stand-alone landfill dumpsters that had been distributed throughout tailgate areas in prior years, creating a map showing the locations of each set of bins, as well as instructions for placing them. Join this session and learn how to Create a Green Tailgate Checklist (reducing and choosing sustainable food and packaging; and traveling green) and how to activate fan engagement including University of Southern California's challenges and successes with their Tailgate program including organizing labor, container placement, involving volunteers, measuring success, and engaging fans. Gain action strategies around opportunities for growth such as maximizing diversion through fan giveaways, integrating Zero Waste into regular event operations, getting the most from volunteer efforts. Franklin Field tailgaters at the University of Colorado experience a day full of zeros but the good kind! Zero waste, zero pesticide, zero net energy and even balanced water usage. Backdropped by the Buff's LEED Platinum, net-zero Indoor Practice Facility, fans in the CU tented-tailgate area interact with Ralphie's Green Stampede every game day. From compostable tailgate kits to Tailgater of the Game awards, various tailgate programming reminds fans that being a sustainable Buff is just what you do at CU.

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Introduction: Lin Guo | Business Development Manager, Bluewater
Julie Muir | Recycling Manager, Stanford University
Daniel Redick | Regional Manager at EcoSafe® Zero Waste; Former Zero Waste Specialist, Coliseum Zero Waste and Tailgate Waste Diversion Program, University of Southern California
Monica Rowand | Sustainability Coordinator, University of Louisiana; Former Program Manager, Ralphie's Green Stampede, University of Colorado


Going "Zero Waste" is a great accomplishment for any campus sustainability or collegiate athletic program - an opportunity to promote & highlight your magnificent work - but going zero waste is hardly roses and rainbows - but as they say, "Don't let perfection stand in the way of a good idea". This session will focus on the nitty-gritty elements of creating incremental advancements towards zero waste in marquee collegiate athletic organizations. Using the in-depth examples and best practices of the Kansas University Rock, Chalk, Recycle program, speakers will guide participants towards strategizing an effective course for zero waste. Following a quick opening, and best practice overview, Eric Nelson, Waste Reduction Manager at KU will facilitate a workshop and activity guide that will be offered to audience members to share their campus' challenges and discuss strategies to take home.

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Introduction: Tim Carey | Senior Director of Sustainability, PepsiCo
Lin King | Manager, Cal Zero Waste, University of California
Angela Gilbert | Zero Waste Events Coordinator, University of Colorado Environmental Center
Eric Nelson | Waste Reduction Manager, The University of Kansas Center for Sustainability/ KU Recycling


2:30-3:30pm A collaborative internship model putting students to work on real sustainability-related projects provides an adaptable, ongoing platform to make progress in sustainable sports. Here's how to get started. As a representative of a PAC 12 institution, whether your affiliation is administrative, athletic or academic, you recognize the importance of meaningful, ongoing collaboration with the broader campus and local community to deliver the highest quality educational experience to the future professionals you are training. A new 'Responsible Event Framework' is the result of a multi-stakeholder collaborative made possible with generous support from the Urban Sustainability Directors Network that offers the latest research in best-practices and real-world examples that you can apply to expand your offering of valuable internship opportunities and strengthen cross-departmental collaboration by linking in with efforts to better the community through sports. It's a program designed for win-win situations for all partners involved. More information and the entire body of work can be viewed at: https://www.eugene-or.gov/responsibleeventframework In this session, attendees will learn about a model for engagement that was developed throughout 2017 and launched in early 2018 to help navigate the process of utilizing university resources to advance sustainability goals. One great thing about the model is that it works for nearly any organization, and nearly any department within. Attendees will see clearly how they can create value for their organization utilizing the model in the Responsible Event Framework.
Moderator: Shelley Villalobos | Managing Director, Council for Responsible Sport
Jay Hertwig | Group Vice President Global Brand Sales, UNIFI
Izabel Loinaz | Director, Center for Sustainable Business Practices, University of Oregon
Tiffany Richardson | Professor of Sport Management, University of Minnesota


The University of Colorado of Boulder Athletics Department recently completed construction of a multi-building LEED Platinum certified complex. This project consisted of two new massive structures and renovation of an existing, occupied facility. The highlight of sustainable construction can be seen on the roof of the Indoor Practice Facility (IPF) - an 850 kw solar array, making the IPF a net-zero facility. Throughout the duration of the project, the Athletics Department remained committed to achieving high-performance building goals. These goals include the State of Colorado's High Performance Building Program and campus design and construction standards, which target reduction of energy consumption within new or renovated facilities to achieve a 30% reduction for water and energy usage. By placing such a strong emphasis on sustainable construction, the Athletics Department has successfully built one of the most prominent representations of sustainability on the University of Colorado Boulder campus.
Ellen Edwards | Energy Manager, University of Colorado Boulder
Rachel Stonecypher | Capital Project Manager, University of Colorado Boulder
Ed von Bleichert | Sustainability & Resiliency Program Manager, University of Colorado Boulder


3:45-4:45pm Sports sustainability is a 21st century movement that will be driven by your fans- students, alumni, stakeholders...people that love your brand. We will discuss "new power" and how to scale it to allow you to create, connect, and impact your community. In sports, cause marketing IS the new brand marketing. When social good meets social media, effective content marketing sparks real conversations, share-ability, and inspires your fans to become change agents. We will study how industry-disrupting brands become religion to fans by giving them something to believe in. How do you build a campaign that inspires die-hard loyalty? How do you identify which sustainability topics to highlight that feel authentic to your brand voice and not forced? Learn how to tap into cultural relevance, build trust and use empathy to connect with your audience. This session explores how sports brands can use data to impact good storytelling in ultra-transparent sustainability campaigns that engages even skeptical fans. We will examine inclusive marketing practices, how diversity shapes a brand, and how we all need to be allies in equality in order to play a more meaningful role in people's lives.
Paisley M. Benaza | PhD Student; Communications Strategist, Arizona State University
Jason Richardson | NCAA Champion Michigan State Basketball, Retired NBA Player


Arielle Gold | Professional Snowboarder + Olympic Bronze Medalist
Mary Harvey | Special Advisor - Sustainability at United Bid 2026, Former U.S. Women's National Team Goalkeeper, FIFA Women's World Cup Champion, Olympic Gold Medalist - University of California at Berkeley


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Case study and graphics detailing the success of the awar-winning Boise, Idaho HP Campus Sustainable Landscape Project.

Poster Presenter: Krisjan Hiner
Established in 1976, the mission of CU Boulder's Recycling Services is to cost-effectively reduce and recover resources, promote the environmental benefits of recycling and provide the opportunity for meaningful student involvement.

Poster Presenter: Alex Hoots
During the 2018 Women's Golf Championships, the University of Washington focused on highlighting the sustainability efforts of the UW Athletic Department, the Pac-12, and Broadmoor Golf Club. A variety of graphic elements showcased the natural environment surrounding the Club as well as the unique sustainable practices in play during the event. Both environment and social sustainability were intertwined with collegiate sports throughout the Championships.

Friday, July 13

10:00-11:00am In the summer of 2015, the new Grounds and Recycling Operations Center (GROC) opened on the CU campus. This new building replaces the old Intermediate Processing Facility (IPF) which opened in 1991. The GROC is an intermediate step in the recycling process between the campus buildings at the University of Colorado and the end markets for recycling. Recyclable materials collected across campus are delivered to the ROC where student workers prepare materials for shipment to the local Boulder County Recycling Center. This unique facility is one of a kind for a collegiate setting and provides countless opportunities for student education, campus waste diversion and event support.

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Schedule subject to change.

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