2022 Conference Program Coming Soon

2022 Topic Priorities:

  • Amplifying campus engagement by integrating athletics with campus sustainability
  • Incentivizing staff around sustainability by expanding your athletics department sphere of influence
  • Increasing influence of green game impact by harnessing the power of student pride
  • Using the power of sport to ensure a culture of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion

Career Fair - Sustainability in Athletics | June 15, 2022, 12:00 - 3:00pm MT at University of Utah
Calling all students, student athletes, job seekers and employers! This unique career fair will showcase jobs and career paths focused on environmental sustainability and athletics. Pac-12 member campus athletic teams and their corporate partners provide a unique opportunity to prioritize environmental sustainability with their extensive reach, large fan bases and widely recognized student athletes/alumni. Employers - join us to share your open job opportunities focused on sustainability and environmental impact (registration required). Students - launch your career in the field of sustainability and athletics and help to create meaningful change in support of a sustainable future. All students, student athletes and other job seekers welcome, registration not required to attend.

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